Nobody can prevent loss of reputation – we can detect, alert and respond to make it less bad.


RiskEye™ is a bespoke monitoring, alert, and response platform designed to protect the online business reputation of Subscribers.

The Service is provided by RiskEye™ Limited (“RiskEye™” or “we” or “our” or “us”). We are a limited company registered in Dublin, Ireland, under company number 562449. Our registered office is Riskeye Ltd, 24-26 Ormond Quay Upper, 1st Floor, Dublin 7, D07 DAV9, Ireland.

RiskEye provides subscribers with a service that:

Prepares subscribers to ensure that their online activities are at a lower risk of attracting or inciting threats or attacks to their online business reputation.

Monitors online platforms and media streams to detect risks, threats or attacks to their online business reputation.

Notifies subscribers of risks, threats or attacks to their online reputation when detected by RiskEye.

Supports subscribers with expert information and advice about initial responses to detected or self-reported risks, threats or attacks to their online business reputation.

Responds to continuing, escalating or unresolved risks to the subscribers online reputation by providing the combined services of PR and legal specialists.[Response costs are recovered through the RiskEye™ Reputation Guard Insurance policy – for those who have insurance as a part of their subscription]

RiskEye™ monitors the subscribers public social media accounts and any brand mentions online. Subscribers may also notify RiskEye of potentially damaging posts occurring on private networks.[Closed networks can self-report by calling 1800 814 050 or by email here.]Our unique monitoring software picks up real-time mentions, providing notification before damage occurs.

RiskEye™ works as follows:

Subscribers are prepared for online participation at lower risk through the provision of general information, guidance and training material. This assists subscribers in lowering their risk of attracting or inciting threats or attacks to their online business reputation.

RiskEye™ monitors to detect potential online incidents that may affect the reputation of a subscriber. This is achieved by continuously monitoring and assessing a wide spectrum of publicly accessible digital data.

Potential risks that are identified are further assessed by our trained operators. Once an online incident has been identified, assessed and confirmed the subscriber is notified.

Notification to the subscriber is accompanied by support consisting of information and advice about detected, or self-reported risks, threats or attacks to their online business reputation.

The subscriber is supported by RiskEye in the event of a continuing, escalating or unresolved risks or threats to the subscribers online reputation by providing the escalated services of PR and Legal specialists. These entities work on behalf of the subscriber to proactively manage any potential reputation damage. Services and responses under the RiskEye subscription include the following;

Public/media relations

Our public/media relations experts provide the skills and resources to proactively manage the subscribers crisis. This includes services such as press statements, suggested response, training for handling media queries and expert advice on how to handle the crisis.


Our legal experts will provide specific legal services on behalf of the subscriber in connection with strategic planning, issuing legal letters of warning to achieve ‘take down’ of an online reputation attack and/or obtain an apology/ retraction along with the preparation of a case file for handover to the subscribers own legal advisors.

Capturing Data

RiskEye cannot guarantee to capture data prior to deletion thus it is important that once the alert is sent you secure photographic evidence.

Removing Posts

We endeavour to remove newly posted online threats or attacks at source once harm has been proven.

Data Units Covered

Our plans allow for up to 10 social media accounts to be monitored with each plan containing a number of units which are covered. If you have any questions as regards the suitability to your business please contact us at [email protected]

Each package you purchase has a set number of data units allocated per month. Once you exceed your allocated units, additional costs will be incurred. Monthly unit limits are non-transferrable.

If you have exceeded your plan due to Facebook and Twitter competitions/campaigns, then the fair usage policy and additional costs will apply. This cost will be billed separately.

Alerts from RiskEye™

Alerts can be sent by email, text or phone depending on the level of risk assessed. You control how we contact you by supplying us with your preferred contact details/choice. However, our aim is to minimise and de-risk your business so we would recommend you provide all three contact points.

Advice, Support & Guidance

Subscribers receive regular advice, support and guidance.

Subscriber Conduct

RiskEye™ subscribers are expected to familiarize themselves with the ‘RiskEye™ De-risking Support Material’ on how best to anticipate, avoid and mitigate online risks to business reputation. A RiskEye™ subscriber is expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner that will not increase their risk of being exposed to online threats or attacks.

Key Terms

RiskEye™ is a service available to subscribers who have accepted the statement of fact and who have paid the necessary subscription fee.

Subscriptions are limited to businesses and are only available to individuals within businesses when acting ex-officio as spokespersons for the businesses.

Subscriptions are not available to individuals- including but not limited to publishers, or individual journalists, writers, broadcasters, bloggers and self-publicists such as entertainers, celebrities, persons involved in professional/representative sports or public representatives.  Eligibility for subscription shall be at the sole discretion of RiskEye™- and any subscription may be reviewed or withdrawn at any time by RiskEye™ upon notice to the subscriber.

Subscribers are expected to act online in a manner which is prudent, honest and open and to act with due courtesy, care and caution so as to avoid behaviour likely to give rise to offense or attack.

Online publication of defamatory material will automatically exclude subscribers from the service.

Clear defamation. [Defamation must contain a statement by publication involving an identifiable individual that lowers the individual in the eyes of right thinking members of society, the individual must be identifiable.] If the individual concerned cannot be identified, then the legal team will assess the situation and if defamation is established they may attempt to remove the post from the site on which it’s published. The insurance(more info) does not cover the cost of identifying anonymous posts. This is something you may have to pursue independently.

Financial Terms

RiskEye™ is a service available to subscribers who have accepted the statement of fact and paid the necessary subscriptions.


We accept all major debit and credit cards. Your insurance cover will operate from the time that RiskEye™ confirm that the service has gone live and monitoring has commenced. Our site is fully PCI compliant and your safety and security is important to us. RiskEye™ will also accept cheque payments or bank transfers, by prior arrangement. On receipt of payment your cover will commence immediately.

Failed Payment

RiskEye™ subscription is payable monthly in advance. If your monthly/annual payment fails we will notify you. Should further payment attempts fail you will no longer be covered by RiskEye™ from the date that your payment first failed.

Cancellation Policy

If this service is not suitable for you and you wish to cancel your subscription, you must contact RiskEye™ here within 14 days of purchase. We will refund the subscription you have paid within 30 working days of the date you contacted us. Providing that you have not received any alerts, made an insurance claim or experienced a crisis which could give rise to an insurance claim.

IMPORTANT: No refunds or credits for partial months, quarters or years of service will be refunded to a customer upon cancellation.  

RiskEye™ reserves the right to cancel a subscription for failure to comply with these Conditions Terms of use.

The AIG Europe Ltd insurance policy is subject to separate cancellation conditions as follows;

Cancellation by Insurer or Policyholder

  1. AIG Europe Ltd Policy Clauses

Cancellation by Policyholder

This policy may be cancelled by the insured at any time only by mailing written prior notice to the Insurer or by surrender of this policy to the Insurer or its authorised agent. In such cases, if no Loss has been made and no circumstance has been notified prior to such cancellation, the Insurer shall retain the customary short rate proportion (unexpired portion of Premiums less handling charges) of the Premium. Otherwise the Premium shall not be returnable and shall be deemed fully earned at cancellation.

Cancellation by Insurer

This policy may be cancelled by the Insurer delivering to the Insured by registered, certified, other first class mail or other reasonable delivery method, at the address of the Insured set forth in the schedule, written notice stating when, not less than (30) days thereafter (or ten(10) days in the event of cancellation for non-payment of the Premium), the cancellation shall be effective. Proof of mailing or delivery of such notice shall be sufficient proof of notice and this policy shall be deemed cancelled as to all Insureds at the date and hour specified in such notice. In such case, the Insurer shall be entitled to a pro-rata proportion of the Premium. Payment or tender of any unearned Premium by the Insurer shall not be a condition precedent to the effectiveness of cancellation, but such payment shall be made as soon as practicable.

  1. Consumer Distance Sales Information

What will happen if I or the Insurer want to cancel the policy?

You (the consumer) can cancel your policy at any time by writing to us or your Insurer. The policy will be cancelled on the date we or your Insurer receive your request in writing or your Insurer may cancel your policy by writing to you and giving you notice of the cancellation of your insurance as provided for in your policy.

Will I receive a refund when my policy is cancelled?

Provided that no incident giving rise to a claim has occurred in the current period of insurance, you will be entitled to proportionate return of the premium for the unexpired period of insurance.  If you cancel during the first year of insurance (outside the cooling off period), an administration charge will apply.

What will happen if I miss an instalment payment?

If you pay your premium by instalments we may cancel the policy if you miss a payment. We will write to you allowing twenty-one days to make the payments before the policy is cancelled.

The above Terms & Conditions relate solely to the provision of RiskEye™ services. The Terms & Conditions relating to the AIG Europe Ltd insurance policy must be read & adhered to properly.