Are you prepared for a reputational crisis?

Did you know that at 30 seconds per post, it takes 33 hours to read 4000 social media posts?  You can’t catch it all.

You need RiskEye to help you cover the risk, so you can get back to what’s important.

Why RiskEye?

RiskEye offers a range of services in online reputation protection so that you can have peace of mind of knowing that your risks are covered – 24/7. 

Risk is assessed for you

We use expert people and tech to assess the risk for you, alerting you of it when needed, and keeping you safe online, always.

Your employees are kept safe

Becoming a more trusted company can mean being more transparent, but this can lead to risks for employees who represent the company. We catch all conversation to, from and importantly about your company. Get notified of any slander or abuse of staff and nip it in the bud. 

See your online sentiment

Your sentiment online is shown live and in real time, allowing you to view how your business is being perceived and pin-point problems with ease. Equipped with this knowledge you can begin to adjust your online presence and perfect your online image. 

Insurance Cover Worth £50,000

We use expert people and tech to assess the risk for you alerting you of it when needed. Keeping you safe online. If a crisis does occur, RiskEye are there to mitigate, and cover any losses up to £50,000. 

Catch Fraud 

While sieving the internet for mentions of you, we catch those impersonating you and targeting both your current and potential customers. 

Win the game of speed

Our monitoring and alerts are 24/7. You will always know when something is happening to your brand as it happens. Giving you the head start to deal with it! 

Tailored monitoring 

You can tailor the monitoring to include predicted areas of concern, ensuring any weak signals that are picked up on social are understood and translated to real-world to protect your business.   

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