Are you prepared for a reputational crisis?

Did you know that at 30 seconds per post, it takes 33 hours to read 4000 social media posts?  You can’t catch it all.

You need RiskEye to help you cover the risk, so you can get back to what’s important.

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Why RiskEye?

Build a safer social

We work towards Safer Social – safer for businesses, safer for organisations and safer for people. While social media is an amazing source of garnering, sharing and selling, it can also pose a serious threat to your business reputation online. 

Identify all content to, from and about your business on social media in real-time. RiskEye’s bespoke software combined with our expert team and process offers the best solutions to online risks posed by social media



Online reputation security is no longer an option but a necessity

Protecting your brand in the digital space is no longer a luxury it’s a necessity.

The intangible asset of reputation is invaluable, online brings a new vulnerability to reputation management that needs to be covered 24/7 in real-time.

Proactively protect your brand online with RiskEye’s unique Insurance backed online reputation security

Get real-time alerts

A single tweet can transform how consumers view your brand.

Respond with speed and confidence before problems arise. You decide what risk is for your business, our service will fit your needs. 

Programme your business’s uniqueness with RiskEye and get the personalised analytics and insights along with 24/7 real-time risk alerts.

Protecting your brand all around.


We are different than any other service provider

See the threat you never saw before.

We are the only hyper-vigilant, always-on; online reputation that sees, send & solves online issues in real-time by combining great tech with smart humans. 

We want you give you a free trial

We offer a 14-day free trial that will cover one social media platform, either Twitter or Facebook.

At the end of your 14 days, you will receive a comprehensive risk overview report and an overall sentiment analysis of your brand.

Build a data-driven culture. The world’s fastest-growing companies stay ahead by keeping up with whats being said about them online.

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