The Importance Of 24/7 Protection Online

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What conversations are you missing?

“I already have a dedicated social media team..”

“We don’t have enough of a customer base on social media to worry about it..”

“We don’t use or advertise on socials, so we don’t have anything to check..”

We hear statements like these quite often at RiskEye – but everyone eventually finds that these are common misconceptions regarding online reputation. 

We’re in this business long enough to know that social media never sleeps. You may have a dedicated social media team – but do they have their eyes online outside of office hours?   

The internet is constant and it is vast. There is little to no regulation for conversations online and there is no predicting the reach of these conversations. 

RiskEye acts like a security system – alerting you in real-time to any possible threats or risks online. 

For business owners and managers, it is a minefield. A single post could affect how the entire world views your business. Perception and sentiment are everything online. Do you think you have it covered? 

Social media is a unique hazard – and the focus is, and should be, on how to protect your business and staff online – day in and day out. It is the company’s responsibility to protect and safeguard not only the reputation and perception of the business, but also its employees’ well-being and their mental and physical health, by ensuring they have the right procedures, protocols, and guidelines in place. 

These should not be just lists on a piece of paper, but an active programmer of employee education, advice, and support. Proprietors and managers need to ensure that the working practices and support are fit for purpose; that is a hugely important part of building not just a safe and collaborative culture but an admired and sustainable business that attracts and retains talent by putting their safety and well-being first.

In simple terms, that means keeping staff secure online, 24/7; ensuring if they are working from home that they are not isolated; they have adequate tools and technology to do their job, in line with health and safety guidelines, and looking after their physical and mental health, by providing clear, effective guidelines and supports, which staff can access and avail of, day and night.   

RiskEye is the first of its kind – we have created the world’s first effective solution to online harm.

We give you the power to anticipate, detect, and accommodate issues online in real-time, before they become a threat or harm your business. Check out our site to find out how we prevent, protect, and fix for businesses all over Europe, the UK, and the U.S.

At RiskEye, we are moving to a time of needing new skills to see this new digital world in a new way. RiskEye monitors your brand online 24/7, using real people to send you alerts, so you don’t have to spend so much time watching for risk. 

For an insight into online risk and what it means for you, check out our website, or email [email protected]. We make social safer! 



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