Covering social media risks alone?

Did you know that at 30 seconds per post it takes 33 hours to read 4000 social media posts. 

Now RiskEye are here to help.

With us, social media managers have real support 24/7. You have to promote the brand, protect the company, and consider customer service.

Our 24/7 live risk monitoring gives you one less thing to worry about.




of marketers surveyed agreed that they didn’t have enough support from their managers or superiors

of the surveyees claimed that they needed more than 8-9 hours per day to do their job

of digital marketers surveyed agreed that their role was extremely stressful and demanding

Why riskeye?

Safer social is for you

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  • 24/7 live risk monitoring with real-time alerts 
  • The data and analysis you need to understand your sentiment online
  • Expert advice in mitigation and online sentiment

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