What Is Online Sentiment Analysis?

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Let's talk sentiment

The way businesses interact with their customers has changed drastically over the last 2 decades. Where customers used to write, email, or call a business directly in order to dish out their feedback, compliments, or complaints – they now take to social media to tell the world how they feel about a brand. These interactions are happening almost exclusively online and they are visible to everyone. One wrong move and a single complaint can snowball into a PR disaster.

Online sentiment is the term used to understand the emotion that both customers, potential customers, and the general public feel when they perceive your brand online, either on social media or mainstream online media.  

Online data is usually assessed and catagorised as being positive, neutral, or negative – which gives an overall view of the brand and how it is perceived online.

Many businesses want to know how the general public really feels about their brand or organisation. We measure online sentiment in order to accurately track both the tone and the emotion used when your business is discussed online. Social media gives everyone a space to publicly share feelings and opinions online – so accurately analyzing and understanding sentiment is vital for the success of a business.

Why is measuring sentiment necessary?

Measuring online sentiment is the most effective way of understanding public satisfaction with your brand, and grasping how your brand is perceived. Having a full view of your brand and organisation allows you to make more informed choices for your business.

Maybe your customer service needs special attention, or maybe your advertising has room for improvement. Monitoring sentiment is a great way to get feedback and hone in on potential issues, growing pains, or threats to your business. 

While reading and understanding sentiment is a great way to isolate issues within your business – it also allows you to truly understand what is effective content, and what works for your brand on and off social media. 

Measuring sentiment is vital, but almost impossible to do in-house or manually due to the sheer volume of data online nowadays. Social suites like RiskEye are here to do the work for you, but RiskEye goes further than other sentiment analysis software. RiskEye measures sentiment for brands by reading every post written to from or about you online, and using both AI and an added layer of human intelligence to assess, clean, and catagorise that data. 

Here are the top 3 reasons for monitoring your online sentiment with RiskEye:

  • Isolate areas of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. With RiskEye, you can isolate out different areas of your business using specific keyword groups, which makes it even easier to hone in on potential issues. Some examples of Keyword groups could be Staff, Facilities, Customer Service, Advertising. RiskEye read anything posted to, from, or about you online and catagorize it according to sentiment, urgency, and keyword groups.
  • Create effective content and boost your marketing. With RiskEye, your data is catagorized and presented to you in your personal dashboard, where you can see your top tweets, retweets, and reach. You can see for yourself which posts, blogs, or marketing campaigns are most effective.
  • Where we measure sentiment – we measure risk. There is no use in measuring sentiment when you aren’t seeing the important posts in real-time. Missing a vital post about your business could mean losing everything in a reputational crisis. RiskEye monitor your posts 24/7 and alert you in real-time to possible risks or threats to your business. You’ll never be the last to know!
  • The human element! Many social suites use the power of AI to analyze sentiment for their clients – but AI cannot accurately detect sarcasm, humour, or tone. To fully understand and detect how people feel about your business, you need an added layer of intelligence to assess the data. At RiskEye, we use both our innovative software, and our expertly trained people to assess and clean your data. Using our custom dashboard, we present your data to make it easy to interpret and understand sentiment online. 


RiskEye gives you the power to anticipate, detect, and accommodate issues online in real-time, before they become a threat or harm your business. Check out our site to find out how we prevent, protect, and fix for businesses all over Europe, the UK, and the U.S. Our software catches all conversation to, from, or about you in real-time so you never miss a thing!

At RiskEye, we are moving to a time of needing new skills to see this new digital world in a new way. RiskEye monitors your brand online 24/7, using real people to send you alerts, so you don’t have to spend so much time watching for risk. 

For an insight into online risk and what it means for you, check out our website www.riskeye.com, or email [email protected]. We make social safer! 

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