Safer Social

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Safer social

We work towards Safer Social – safer for Business, safer for Organisations and safer for People. While the internet is an amazing source of garnering and sharing information; over the decades it has become a monster – where there are multiple risks in words, pictures, and images online which can have a real and lasting impact in the real world. Remember, what happens online does not stay online!

Just as paper never refuses ink, the internet never refuses content – and the quality of much of that content is questionable and some of it truly shocking. There are no rules or regulations; there is no arbiter of the truth, leaving the internet-wide open to being manipulated. At its’ simplest, Safer Social means understanding who the actors are on stage with you; who is good, who’s bad or who’s indifferent and being able to mitigate the bad by dealing with threats they cause as and when they arise. It also means being careful and smart about what you share online, armed with the knowledge that it can and will come back to haunt you in the future if you get it wrong.

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