Safe is a culture we can create

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Safe is a culture we can create

When Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web in 1989, as a scientist his original idea was to meet the demand for automated information sharing between scientists and universities and institutes around the world. It is inconceivable to imagine what he thought the internet would become decades later.

It sounds like Utopia to say that ‘Safe is a culture we can create’, but that is our vision at Risk Eye. To do what we can to enable people to learn and share on the internet without constant repercussions and hurt caused by those faceless people who think it is the “Wild West” and a free for all to vent their views and theories, regardless of the consequences of their behaviour.

That is what gets us up every day, working with our clients helping them go about their business in a safer, secure online world without constant worry – and giving them peace of mind knowing that is the case as we are there, minding them 24/7.

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