The Risks of not being Protected Online for Customer Service

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Can Customer Service Handle the Online risk?

Did you know that at 30 seconds per post, it takes 33 hours to read through 4000 social media posts? That’s a lot of data to read through, and the truth is that it’s impossible for any one person or team to catch it all while trying to do the other components of their job.

Many businesses may not understand the level of potential risk that waits online, and thus many businesses leave their customer service teams to monitor and respond to negative comments, queries, and conversation about the business. At RiskEye we know that it’s not possible for any team to do this alone, 24 hours a day, while balancing other responsibilities, and we wanted to share the top risks with you.

  1. You’re missing what is being said about you out of hours.

Did you know that 65% of online risk occurs outside of office hours? Online risk doesn’t work by the 9-5 rules that most customer service teams do. It’s impossible to always have eyes covering the risk, which is why RiskEye use innovative tech and smart humans to monitor a business’s social pages and channels 24/7. RiskEye have an eye on every post that mentions anything to, from, or about you online and categorises it, alerting you immediately to potential risks to your company.

2. You’re missing what is being said about you behind your back online.

Often, companies are missing what people are saying behind their back online if the company isn’t being tagged or mentioned directly. Most risk monitoring software cannot capture conversation about a company unless said company is directly tagged, but RiskEye do things a little differently.

We use different tags and keywords to capture any conversation about your business that you may be missing. RiskEye are sure to build personalised sysems to capture anything said to, from, or about you online. We clean and categorise the data to your specifications – even sarcasm and satire.

3. There is a real chance your business may not survive a reputational crisis.

14% of businesses don’t survive. RiskEye want to do more than just act as an early-warning system – we want to give our clients the knowledge to understand the online world and enter it with confidence.

Using our custom dashboard and the data collected, we allow you to understand sentiment, and the way that you are being talked about online. This is extremely useful in customer service, as the dashboard will allow you to understand what areas of the business are causing issues by isolating risks and keywords.

This also means you can allocate your resources from elsewhere in the business where you know there is a problem. For example, if your app or website is down, you will be alerted immediately, and will be able to allocate more resources to man phone-lines.

There is an endless amount of risk with having your brand online in 2021, but with RiskEye you can have the confidence of knowing that we are looking out for you and your brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn more about what RiskEye can do for customer service teams, click here, or to find out how we can help social media managers, marketing teams, c-suite, agencies, or any other roles or business owners, check out our website here.

Make social a safer space for your teams today, read more below or visit our website to see how RiskEye can help today! 

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