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The rules of the game have changed..

Sarah Holland – CEO of RiskEye chatting to the Irish Independent on the ‘digiverse’, and #safersocial.

Sarah tells the Independent that the rules of the game in the online world have changed.. 

‘With the advent of the internet, and social media, there is now an alternative world; ‘the Digi verse’ (the digital universe), meaning businesses need to be working effectively on two separate planes. The ‘always on’ nature of social media means that activity to, from and about a company could be taking place anytime, day or night, and should be monitored and moderated to match that, to safeguard and protect the company.’

Working in RiskEye, Sarah knows that there are a few common mistakes that businesses can make when bringing their customer service or their brand online. 

Sarah says that some organizations are “fearful and wary of engaging on social media; preferring to ignore it and hope it will go away, which is not an effective solution”

‘Ensuring consistency of messaging, behaviour and best practice applies in both the real and the online world is what RiskEye is all about. This is done through preventing, protecting, and finding solutions for clients in a planned and sustained manner.’

Sarah demonstrates an effective way of understanding how RiskEye can help and support their clients in staying safe online using a football analogy. Sarah names the players as: 

  • Attacking players
  • Defensive players
  • Managers
  • Current form
  • Strategies

‘You plan your team so you are going to win, firstly knowing how good your defensive team are, how they will beat the oppositions’ strikers and make sure they are match fit. You then need your whole team to really know the rules of the game.’

In your business, Sarah explains that your social media is always on, 24 hours a day, even when you may not be paying attention.. 

‘In business, the social media game is ‘always on.’ Unlike the live game however, there is never a break for half time. That is why having a game plan and understanding each platform in detail as well as being able to identify all the players involved is not a luxury, but a modern-day business necessity.’

Read more on how RiskEye uses its sophisticated and unique early warning systems to empower people to feel confident in defining where their red lines are what their business considers acceptable. RiskEye’s sole aim is to make its clients safer on social.

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