RiskEye is the missing piece 

Risk Defined by Complex Rules

Current self-service software is limited to binary choices by algorithms which can never determine true risk as risk is complex and subjective. Combine this with the age-old problem of physically not being at the screen 24/7, means that the risk passes by undetected leaving you exposed. 

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Filtered and structured data sets

RiskEye’s knowledge layers of sentiment, perspective, context and insights bridges the gap between humans and technology to an almost imperceptible gap. Having data populated and structured into your existing company formats, allows you to use this data anywhere in the business immediately

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Right data, to the right people, right time

Automated distribution of intel, insight and risk to every department. Data is now actionable in real-time informing your business strategy. 

You Deserve Insight, Knowledge, and protection.

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Is Reputation Purely Based On Social Media In 2022

“You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet” was one of the very first rules when social media was introduced – so how have we gotten to the point where misinformation is spreading like wildfire and almost no one verifies or fact-checks what they read online?

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Fear Of Missing Out – Online Sentiment

Social media never sleeps, and 65% of online risk occurs outside office hours – So it’s essential to have your eyes on the data, but we know it’s not possible to catch everything said to, from, or about your business online.
RiskEye monitors all data regarding your business across multiple social channels and mainstream media and presents it to you in a single custom dashboard, so you can see everything in one place.

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