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How can you protect yourself or your social media accounts from cyber criminals?

Sarah Holland – CEO of RiskEye chatting to Evoke Magazine on #safersocial

Over the last couple of years, phishing scams and account hacking for ransom has become more and more common, and a lot harder to spot.

At RiskEye, our job is to anticipate and prevent risk – so we know the scope of the  threats that people face online everyday. We see and understand why it’s happening and we know that there are steps you can take to protect yourself online.

When Cyber Criminals hacked the account of influencer Lorraine Keane for ransom, there was very little that she could do to stop them – that’s why RiskEye are in the business of prevention. 

Sarah Holland, our CEO and cyber security expert, shares her top ten tips for staying safe on socials with Evoke Magazine.

“Firstly, ensure your email account is secure. The easiest way to hack into someone’s social media is through their primary email, so make sure it is secured with a two-step authentication process. Use a strong password, the more obscure the better, through a combination of letters, capital and lower case, numerals and special characters.”

There are a number of more sophisticated phishing and hacking scams that have been circulating online over recent months, and it is important that while you are on the lookout, that you have preventative measures in place to protect your social media accounts from becoming vulnerable. 

Some of Sarah’s top tips include..

‘Keep an eye on your followers, know who is following you.

Watch out for fake accounts and competitions – if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

Don’t open or follow any links from unknown sources – be very careful what you download

Sarah says. 

Read more on how you can protect yourself and your social media accounts from online threats and cyber criminals..

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