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Prevention suite

  • Organisations benefit from the proactive measures implemented in the preventative suite
  • The prevention suite helps you understand where your business may be vulnerable to online risk and equip your employees with the tools necessary to counter this risk
  • The prevention suite includes a full organisation analysis, vulnerabilities report, tailored training to provide full organisational cover & ongoing educational material to support ongoing risk prevention

Protection Suite

  • An organisations ability to identify all content about, to and from it, in a real-time situation, 24/7, is imperative for its ability to own its online profile. Using social media as a marketing or customer service channels can lead to exposed risks
  • Protection suite includes 24/7 monitoring of your social media platforms, customised overview dashboard, personalised account management, profile build with ongoing refinements

Solution suite

  • Solution suite offers a customised response to online content that presents a reputational risk
  • This can include advocating for the client with platforms and other online authorities and resolving unwanted and harmful content issues through removal or mitigation
  • Identifying and resolving social engineering issues causing the business harm
  • Strategies to minimise or avoid reoccurrence of online harm and crisis

Moderation suite

  • The moderation suite ensures oversight and moderation of all online content on behalf of the client to maintain the online presence they choose to project.
  • Engagement and response to online content, on behalf of the business, through a pre-designed moderation framework ensures the business always have maximum control of their online presence.


Campaign suite

  • Social media is a necessary tool for a business to perform both outbound marketing and customer contact; Social media campaigns, therefore play a major role in promoting the business. An unmonitored campaign that is open to all public interactions and left unchecked can cause long term and sometimes unrecoverable damage
  • Analysis of previous campaigns to provide insights into audience reaction and behaviour and businesses responding strategy
  • Campaign Strategy with 24/7 campaign monitoring
  • Insight overview report created for future campaign intelligence
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Executive protection

  • Reputational harm is the most likely reason a CEO or C Suite executive will be removed from an organisation. The digital space has heightened the executive’s profile and ensures they are subject to immediate and high public scrutiny and criticism.
  • The executive has to balance communicating their message, maintaining the businesses company line and the pitfalls and risks of the online space.
  • The executive protection product provides all the tools within the prevention, protection and solution suites, customised to ensure their unique profile and business are covered.


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