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Making Safer Social

Online risks can be complex and involve much more than publishing content and handling customer service issues, Aviva recognises that these risk needs to be addressed.

Our Specialist Partner Aviva along with RiskEye offers businesses the opportunity to protect their reputations online. These solutions are available to Aviva customers at preferential rates. 

Aviva understands the risk of a loss of reputation. In fact, their Risk Insight Report for January 2021, sites it as being the third biggest risk, according to major business leaders surveyed.

Online Reputation Security

The world has gone digital and now more than ever, businesses and their brands exist in a virtual place. There are no walls, no rules and you have no control or visibility of your brand. Attacks and reputational threats online, leave businesses feeling hurt and less confident.

Risks happen when you're not looking

Why RiskEye

RiskEye is the first of its kind online reputation risk monitoring and protection service, which combines innovative technology with expertly trained people to provide protection and insights from data posted in the ‘digiverse’. 

Our expertise in online harm and our perfected methods of detecting and assessing online risks for reputation is key to success in the digital world.

For a safer social

Services we provide

  • 24/7 live risk management with real-time alerts, keeping you in the know. 
  • Expert advice on online risk before, during and after a potential crisis.
  • Community learning through safer social that gives you insights into growing online risks in various fields.
  • Mitigation services for harmful/ fake content online about your business or brand

Aviva Partner

Benefits of RiskEye

  • Protects the priceless reputation of your business. 
  • Help to understand potential online audience reach and risks to your business
  • Problem-solving and crisis road-mapping. 
  • Harmful content mitigation. 
  • Expert online PR advice. 
  • 24/7 live risk management. 

Aviva Partner

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