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Not Concerned About What Is Being Said About Your Business Online? You Should Be..


Words matter and for the first time in human history digital has given us the ability to leave a record of what our version of the story looks like.  Trillions of stored words, comments, phrases, numbers and pictures, stored in cyberspace divided between good words and bad words, true words and false words, real words and fake words. 

Everything is recorded and held on a server somewhere, where someday it may come back to hurt you or be taken out of context, to discredit or destroy your business.

The Victor always gets to write the story.

History has always been created by the victors in battle.  In today’s world, there are no obvious real-world battles happening on our streets, however online is a war zone.  Often unseen by whole swathes of the population,  the battles rage for good or bad.  Battles fought in words and images in real-time. 

This world is like an imaginary world yet the consequences of these words have a real impact for all of us online.  We don’t have the capacity to see the full breadth of this harm as we are limited by the amount of time we have and the sheer volume of data.

What we see on our devices is not even 0.01% of the data out there about our businesses.  With every 4,000 posts we read at 30 secs a post – it takes us 33 hours of our time – it is no wonder we are time poor in this modern world just trying to read data.

Our issues get even more complex as algorithms direct different data to different people.  We do not have time to understand who is seeing what.  There are so many people seeing different things in different ways, they are all forming different opinions.  Most of which are bad or untrue.

So what can businesses do about it?

You need to see the whole picture.  All the data, organized, structured and the insights handed to you in real-time 24/7.   This is a battle and one which is not going to go away.  Understanding every conversation and every side of it is an absolute must. 

Continuing to spend marketing budget while ignoring online conversations about and around your brand, is going to mean certain death for your brand.  These random conversations have as much impact on your brand as all the marketing and content you put out there, if not more.  Bad news spreads faster. 

Not having a full perspective in real-time is where the problem lies.   We’ve solved that with our process of structuring data, isolating the risks and delivering a clean validated data set, means that you are empowered in real-time.  Knowing what the data actually says rather than just listing and counting it is where we find the solution.     

The Battle Lines are drawn.

Online is the new battlefront for brands everywhere.  Whether we like it or not, over 4 billion people are connected to the internet globally and the battlefront is expanding.  The questions for all of us is whether we can keep our brands and businesses safe online and how do we protect our businesses in the real world from the words that are written about us online.  



Nicola Byrne

RiskEye Ltd

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