One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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No two businesses are the same..

In the digital age, one of the biggest issues we’re facing is adjusting our personal and professional lives to the online world.

Over the last 20 years as the world has moved online, and so much has changed, from the way we live daily, to the way we interact with each other, be it friend to friend or even anonymously.

The way businesses interact both with other businesses and with their customers has transformed too. Recently, there has been a massive increase in businesses bringing their customer service online to their brand social channels, but there are major risks and repercussions that a business should consider before doing so.

By moving your customer service to social media channels, you are changing the way you interact with your customers from private to public, and there is a huge amount of risk associated with this. 

While bringing customer service online for some businesses is effective, once done right, it is important to understand that what works for one company won’t always work for another – one size doesn’t fit all.

Bringing your customer service online has a lot of risk associated with it, the focus being on the well-being of staff. A massive issue with social media is the lack of accountability – meaning that your staff face an onslaught of abuse day in and day out from people who do not have to face any responsibility for what they say. While having the ability to end conversations via phone lines or chat bots, the staff are still subjected to reading the abuse surrounding them and the company they represent.

The mental health of your staff is more important than anything else, so if you are considering bringing your customer service channels to social media – you need to have trained your staff in how to deal with people online in everything from training the way they communicate online, to how to switch off from it when it gets too much.

Another major risk for moving your customer service channels to your socials is the risk of a misstep leading to a reputational crisis. While having your customer service channels online highlights a transparency and accessibility to your customers, it also comes with the risk of going viral when something goes wrong.

Having each interaction you have with a customer being in the public eye means that a simple error in language or use of words is at risk of a huge amount of negative engagement, putting your brands reputation at risk. If an interaction gains a certain amount of attention, it has the potential to snowball out of your control.

RiskEye combines innovative tech and real people to assess risk, monitor your social media platforms for potential threats, and provide expertise in how to manage your brand online.

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