Safer social

Moderate and mitigate

We are experts in social media conduct and policies. We will guide you through the methods of moderating on various sites, to optimize harm mitigation. 



We have refined the methods of mitigating threats online and Moderating on all social media platforms.

Riskeye can guide you through the intricacies of social media!

Keeping the face of your social media positive welcoming is crucially important for business of all sizes online. Having false claims,  or too many negative posts relation to you you own pages, lowers general sentiment and  deters potential customers.

We at RiskEye have perfected methods of moderating and mitigation tailored to individual social media platforms. We provide our customers with established systems, that help reduce potential online risk and plans of action when dealing with a  reputational crisis that have been proven to work.

RiskEye also lets you track your sentiment score. The insights provided by the sentiment can be used to target areas of the business that need to be adjusted for better brand image and security.  

On top of all this, we provide mitigation services that utilize expertise in legal, and social media rules & regulations.

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