Who Are The Top Sentiment Influencers For Your Business?

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Who are your Top Influencers?

From last week’s blog, we know that online sentiment is the term used to understand the emotion that customers, potential customers, and the general public feel when they perceive your brand online, either on social media or mainstream online media. 

Social media can change the perception of your brand globally, so many businesses want to know how the general public really feels about their brand or organisation -in real-time. We measure online sentiment in order to accurately track both the tone and the emotion used when your business is discussed online. Social media gives everyone a space to publicly share feelings and opinions online – so accurately analyzing and understanding sentiment is vital for the success of a business.

All organisations should be aware of who their influencers are, the issues or topics that they post about, and things you can do as a business to interact with these influencers to drive more positive sentiment and reduce any negative sentiment. When we take a look at the drivers of online sentiment, we will find both positive and negative influencers. And although who we’re talking about are ‘social media’ influencers, we don’t mean ‘social media influencers’!

Influencers in this case, are social media accounts that write to, from, or about your brand online and drive or ‘influence’ your sentiment up or down. Your own business account can even be your own influencer if the content you post is effective and it’s pushing your sentiment up – or alternatively, you can be your own opposing driver if your content is leading to your business being perceived negatively online.

We need to first find out who these influencers are. RiskEye’s service allows you to locate and hone in on your positive and negative influencers – especially the ones you wouldn’t be aware of from generally trawling your business’s social media. If you find a positive influencer who often tweets good reviews, or interacts positively with your self-published content, why not bring them into the conversation? Other brands can be used to promote you, and you to promote them.

One of the most important tools that RiskEye provides is being able to pinpoint your top negative influencers with ease and gives you the peace of mind of knowing you have your eyes on the conversations happening in regards to your business. 

Negative influencers can also be brought into the conversation, you can clear up any confusion or issues they may have with the business. 

Read our Sentiment Blog or visit our website at www.RiskEye.com to learn more about sentiment and how vital it is to the success of a business! 

RiskEye gives you the power to anticipate, detect, and accommodate issues online in real-time, before they become a threat or harm your business. Check out our site to find out how we prevent, protect, and fix for businesses all over Europe, the UK, and the U.S. Our software catches all conversation to, from, or about you in real-time so you never miss a thing!

At RiskEye, we are moving to a time of needing new skills to see this new digital world in a new way. RiskEye monitors your brand online 24/7, using real people to send you alerts, so you don’t have to spend so much time watching for risk. 

For an insight into online risk and what it means for you, check out our website www.RiskEye.com, or email [email protected]. We make social safer! 

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