In a culture where missteps lead to mob mentality, how do you handle it when it happens?

Untrue or malicious posts can present serious risks that can impact or damage your business and

 We offer a total, insurance-backed solution, combining great tech and smart humans to help
you identify risks and mitigate such threats by giving you the best course of action to solve the problem. 

See it - Send it - Sort it

We believe that when innovative technology is data-driven and people-centric, it maximises your ability to prevent, protect and fix the harm as it happens. Ensuring that every facet of your business is covered 24/7. 

How We Help

Collect Conversation

RiskEye collects online conversations to, from & about your business in real-time, and analyses potential risk to your business.

Custom Dashboard

RiskEye keeps track of all Social media activities and campaigns run by your business. Keep an eye out for any risks associated to it through your custom dashboard.

Alerts 24/7

RiskEye alerts you by text and email 24/7 in real-time, when the risk is identified.

Expert Advice

RiskEye provides you with the expertise in online presence, with full access to the 24/7 client helpline.

Mitigation Service

RiskEye provides mitigation services that utilise expertise in legal, and social media rules & regulations.


RiskEye collects valuable metrics that matter, helping measure KPIs such as campaign value, mentions and social interactions.

We're the Experts

Building Safer Social for Everyone

Businesses are not helpless against social media attacks. RiskEye is the equivalent of the ‘canary in the coal mine’, informing you of weak signals as they happen and before they become a crisis. First of its kind: RiskEye is the unique game-changer that offers businesses online security against loss of reputation. 

Safe is a Culture we can Create

What Is Online Sentiment Analysis?

The way businesses interact with their customers has changed drastically over the last 2 decades. Where customers used to write, email, or call a business directly in order to dish out their feedback, compliments, or complaints – they now take to social media to tell the world how they feel about a brand. These interactions are happening almost exclusively online and they are visible to everyone. One wrong move and a single complaint can snowball into a PR disaster.

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RiskEye – A New Paradigm

You’ve taken your business into the digital space and you want to achieve a broader and richer sense of brand awareness, audience engagement and understanding. You’ve probably purchased one of the many listening or monitoring software suites. You feel like you have improved your digital capabilities and have a sense of your online audience.
Do you have a nagging feeling that something is missing though?

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First Impressions Are Vital – Is Your Advertising Protected?

First impressions are so important in business. Many people would be turned off by reading bad reviews or opinions for a business under their promoted posts – so it’s important that you see these in real-time.

You could be extremely confident in your product or service and you don’t think bad reviews are much of a problem – But have you considered the possibility of missing vital feedback on your marketing campaign itself?

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The Importance Of 24/7 Protection Online

We’re in this business long enough to know that social media never sleeps. You may have a dedicated social media team – but do they have their eyes online outside of office hours?

Delve into the importance of having 24/7 online protection..

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How Bots Shape The Internet

Well, according to a study by cybersecurity firm Imperva, bot activity made up 40% of all internet activity in 2020.
Twitter also reported that over 15% of all Twitter users could be bots in January of 2018. In a study by the Pew Research Centre, they found that ⅔ of all tweeted links had been shared and tweeted by suspected bots. These bots have directly contributed to fake news and conspiracy theories online, and the aim is the dangerous spread of misinformation.

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UK Cabinet Backs Tougher Regulation for Internet Harm

The Online Safety Bill aims to crack down on illegal, harmful content and false information being spread across the internet, namely social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
The bill is the first of its kind – a brand new kind of legislation that creates rules for how online platforms like Twitter and Facebook deal with the content that is published on their sites.

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