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Knowledge is power and, if you know what is being said to, from or about you – in real-time - you can do something about it. The key thing is to SEE IT in the first place. It is simply not possible for a company to do this itself; to put it in perspective, it takes 33 hours to read 4000 posts at an average of 30 seconds a post! We have a unique process that watches 24/7 on behalf of our clients, seeing any data that is relevant to them and then sifting through all that data in real-time to provide a proper and thorough assessment of it.


By reading and collecting conversations online about our clients we go through and analyse each of them and send clients dynamic alerts 24/7; as well as working with them to understand what data they are seeing and provide an accurate assessment of it.


As the guardians of our clients’ businesses, reputations, or brands, we use our unique solution and our team’s expertise to provide our clients with expert advice and counsel to fix threats to them online – in real-time. Understanding the concept of risk and applying relevant rule sets to data analysis enables us at Risk Eye to create our unique process that gives our clients the ability to address the actual real threat - as it happens. Prevention is better than cure.

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