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Fear of Missing out?

Having your business online is a great way to market, grow, and engage with consumers or clients, but it comes with a great deal uncertainty and risk. 

When we ask our clients what their greatest fear is regarding their online presence, without fail, it is the fear of missing out – also known as FOMO.  Their fear doesn’t stem from a fear of missing out on a good time, but the fear of missing something that could cause a reputational crisis for their business.

Social media never sleeps, and 65% of online risk occurs outside office hours – so it’s essential to always have your eyes online. At 30 seconds a post, it takes 33 hours to read 4000 posts, so we know it’s not possible to catch everything said to, from, or about your business online. Social media or customer service teams simply cannot be on top of online and real-world issues, and they may not have the know-how to decipher what posts require real actions.

The most common mistake businesses make is that everyone assumes their social media presence is covered adequately. Nine times out of ten we find that is not the case. Unless companies use a tool like RiskEye, they cannot have their eyes on the conversation 24/7 – they’re going to miss vital conversations. 

Many businesses don’t understand that what they see on social media is not the entire picture – you’re in your own personal algorithm echo-chamber! On social media, you can only see conversations happening to you directly, or from you directly – and many businesses miss the vital ‘about’ conversation. RiskEyes software is built to capture all conversations happening to , from, and about your business in real-time. Using keywords, our software has the ability to capture conversations regarding your business even though your business has not been explicitly mentioned. 

Our use of intelligent software and expertly trained agents means that we can accurately assess, catagorise and tag all posts about you in real-time, alert you to any risks and display them on your custom dashboard for you to see all in one place. Our use of agents means that we can accurately decipher tone, context and sarcasm, and it also means we can understand context of posts, audio files, photos, and videos – unlike any other AI systems.

RiskEye monitors all data regarding your business across multiple social channels and mainstream media and presents it to you in a single custom dashboard, so you can see everything in one place. With the dashboard you don’t have to go trawling the internet for comments or posts that could be vital for your business – you can isolate issues or negative comments with just one click.

The data is assessed and categorised according to what suits your specific needs, for example, for a hotel, you could categorise posts by areas such as staff, maintenance, reviews, restaurant, amenities etc. Alternatively, for a college, you could categorise posts as staff, students, campus, research projects, events, or sponsorships. These tags and catagories are fully customisable to each businesses specific needs.

There are other fantastic features of our RiskEye dashboard such as volume trends, total reach of your brand, top tweets and retweets, and top influencers of your brand. You can truly understand your customer base when you can see all of the conversations about your brand online, catagorised into one place.

Businesses can rest easy without FOMO knowing that they have RiskEye to watch their backs when nobody else is looking. Having this kind of information available at your fingertips is invaluable, it can be used to better understand the sentiment surrounding your business, engage with your consumers, and grow your audience. Having the dashboard along with real-time alerts means that you can get the best out of your socials while knowing that your business is covered for risk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

RiskEye gives you the power to anticipate, detect, and accommodate issues online in real-time, before they become a threat or harm your business. Check out our site to find out how we prevent, protect, and fix for businesses all over Europe, the UK, and the U.S. Our software catches all conversation to, from, or about you in real-time so you never miss a thing!

For an insight into online risk and what it means for you, check out our website www.RiskEye.com, or email [email protected] We make social safer! 

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