1.  Why do I need to worry about what is said about me online?

People’s buying and choice preferences have changed considerably over just the last 10 years. 85% of people research a company, product or service online before they make a decision to buy or engage with that company. That means every review, comment, post and article that exist online is potentially scrutinised.

Think about your own buying habits for a minute – would you buy from company A with a 1 star average rating, or its competitor, company B, with a 5 star rating?

2 What’s the difference between RiskEye and Google Alerts?

Google Alerts will match your business or brand name with mentions online. It cannot however understand CONTENT or CONTEXT. RiskEye know that to provide protection from harm we have to know the whole story to judge whether there is a risk.

Google Alerts will not detect the risk in a picture when the text is innocuous, or detect the risk when it’s within a secondary link on a post and the text of the post is no risk. Neither will it identify the risk when the context is sarcasm or irony. Our experienced risk analysts read all the data, all the images, all the links and all the language inflections 24/7.

3. Can you watch everything being said online?

No one can watch everything. If it is publicly accessible, RiskEye can watch and read all of that data. If an online platform does not want anyone to read its data e.g. TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, Facebook Reviews, then no one can read that data.

4. If RiskEye can’t monitor certain online areas how can it protect its customers?

RiskEye has learnt from experience that the risk will always come to you. Even if we cannot read specific data we are able to provide our customers with swift, targeted and effective mitigation. If rules or T&Cs have been broken, or legal boundaries have been broken, we are able to remove and lessen that harm.

5. What do I get for my subscription?

Your subscription pays for £50,000 worth of prefunded Legal and PR expertise. When a crisis occurs you need all the experts on your side, fighting to mitigate the harm. Market leading risk analysts work alongside global leading PR experts and the UK’s leading defamation lawyer. You have experts on call and at your side 24/7

6. How much does it cost?

Prices start from £500 per annum.


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