Frequently Asked Questions

RiskEye is the first of its kind. The only hyper vigilant always-on online reputation protection service that sees, classifies and sends risks in real time. Combining great tech with smart people to give you protection and deeper insights.

At RiskEye – we offer protection and perception. Our service aims to prevent, protect, fix, and offer deeper insights and understanding of sentiment. Check out our “How We Protect” tab to learn more!

Social media activity poses a 24/7 threat to a business’s reputation. Our unique, bespoke software combined with our expert team and processes offers the best solution to online risks posed by social media. We aim to create a safer digital space for people and businesses online – making Safer Social. 

An organisation’s ability to identify all content to, from, and about it in real-time is imperative for its ability to control its online profile. RiskEye provides 24/7 monitoring for risks, with a customized overview dashboard, personalized account management, and monthly reports of your Facebook and Twitter business pages. RiskEye also provide expert advice and mitigation for any online issues.

Utilizing innovated tech and smart people to read and assess every risk.

Ensuring we collect the right data in real-time to provide the most useful assessment. 

Protecting by enriching social media posts with detailed emotional drivers.

Customers and the public continually assess your company online through multiple platforms, search engines and websites, posting comments day and night. Fake, untrue, or malicious posts can present serious risks that can instantly impact or damage your business and reputation.

Social media is complex. Our service is to fit your needs. You decide what a risk is for your business. Our software allows us to programme your business uniqueness to bring you deeper analytics and understanding of online risks and data and content in real time.  Our bespoke software and our team of experts monitor your socials for risks, if our team do find a risk, they will assess the level of risk, inform you, and work towards mitigation. 

If you are interested in finding out more or beginning your trial today, fill out our contact form to request a trial and arrange a meeting with one of our dedicated team members. 

We want to offer our potential clients a 14 day trial which will cover one of your social media platform; Twitter or Facebook. At the end of your 14 days, you will receive a comprehensive risk overview report detailing your potential risks on social media. 

Request a trial now and one of our team members will be in touch. 

RiskEye is the first of its kind, our software and expert teams make the service a unique game-changer that offers businesses online security against loss of reputation due to online attacks. What makes us different to other softwares is our ability to detect risks before they happen, and help you and your teams mitigate any threats in real-time.