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eir - Case Study

eir is Irelands largest telecommunications company employing 3000 passionate employees providing their customers with everything from broadband to sim-cards and television.

The employees of eir are committed to keeping the people of Ireland connected to what is most important to them.

eir can offer great insight into how protecting their reputation online plays a key role in protecting their brand.

For eir, monitoring risk and increasing positive sentiment online was the most important task. During the Covid-19 health crisis in 2020, their teams were struggling to balance social media and busy phone lines due to the sudden increase in usage and broadband issues.

RiskEye and eir focused on increasing positive sentiment online to improve customer relations and find any weak-spots.

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Estimated reach of 10 million views every month

How RiskEye Helped

Identifying risks in real-time

RiskEye provided a comprehensive and unique solution for identifying online risk and harm in real-time. We used our innovative technology along with expert human power to isolate and identify every risk that was published online about eir in real-time, 24/7.

Capturing sentiment

Sentiment analysis played an extremely useful role in monitoring eir as it allowed them to gain an overview of the wider public opinion of their brand. RiskEye used their unique technology to isolate negative sentiment and any customer issues detected, which were then presented to eir through our custom dashboard. RiskEye acted as a tool that could be used by the customer care team to understand and improve upon weaknesses in their systems.

Mitigating risks and improving online sentiment

RiskEye monitored for risk and provided eir and their customer care team with the tools and language to increase positive sentiment online and have seen unbelievable results. The team felt motivated when seeing customers thanking them online. RiskEye provided eir's management, the peace of mind of knowing their online reputation was covered for them.

Our client said

“We went into RiskEye with the sole intention of improving our customer interactions and that’s what it has done. If you can give somebody direct feedback using whatever tools you have available it allows them to improve, and improve quickly.” - Oisín
"My favourite feature is absolutely the high priority alerts. At management level a dashboard is vital to be able to track progress. It really helped us build robust processes and procedures to deal with issues." - Oisín
“It gives you a real feel of the whole business overall to figure out what’s best, what's working, and what’s not. You can isolate exactly where the issues are coming from." - Jason
"And for the record, we would absolutely recommend RiskEye.” - Oisín