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Is Social Media A More Stressful Occupation
RiskEye protects your online reputation 24/7/365

Social Engineering

Criminal organisations are creating sophisticated methods to defraud organisations through their online presence. Areas such as;

  • Fake Facebook and Google Adverts about you or your business used to direct unsuspecting users to imitation websites to then scam them
  • Fake messages relating to a genuine competition entered from your business, to advise of a win. The victims are then directed to an imitation website to illicit their bank details for payment
  • Rogue websites an exact replica of your businesses website again used to illicit your clients to potential clients personal details
RiskEye protects your online reputation 24/7/365

Platform and Profile security

Ensure your business, employees and customers are protected from harm and security breaches such as social engineering.

Deep dive platform and online profile investigation including company and employee public social media profiles which are analysed for pressure points and weaknesses;

  • All followers and those being followed analysed
  • inadvertent leakage of a company or personal info shared – which will result in vulnerabilities and risk exposure
  • Fake or impersonated employee or company profiles identified and mitigated through platform engagement or legal petition
  • To avail of 24/7 ongoing monitoring and maintenance of these risk product upgrades available

Crisis Prevention

The best protection from a crisis is prevention.
  • We analyse your business, identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, equip you and your staff with the skills and frameworks necessary to avoid a crisis.
  • Should you inadvertently experience a crisis we work along side you and your team to de escalate the crisis and move you back into normal online profile
  • After the event we work with you and your team to analyse the crisis and develop a learning matrix and post crisis plan

Live Out of Hours Response 24/7 emails and calls

Our team of analysts will identify and monitor online comments and queries. They will respond using an agreed framework to deliver responses to queries, complaints and sales leads. Responses are available out of hours or 24/7.

Our analysts are call centre skilled and can provide out of hours or 24/7 assistance to your business

This service can be delivered as a normal working model or bolted on during crisis or expected online surges in demand

Customised Removal Services

Our analysts will assess and advise the best solution to online content that is reputationally damaging, illegal or hacked. Where content removal is possible, we will engage with platforms, websites and institutions to remove. Where this is not possible, we will advise and guide you through the best options to mitigate the risk.
  • Fake
  • Untrue
  • Defamation 
  • Hacked or stolen personal information 
  • Hacked stolen images


Consultation Services

Our team will work with you are your team providing customised guidance and support tailored to specific online issues or concerns you may have. We will develop resolution and risk prevention plans customised to your individual needs.

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