Dublin City University - Case Study

Dublin City University (DCU) is one of Ireland’s leading universities and a hub of high-tech innovation and research.

With five campuses and almost 17,500 students from 55 countries worldwide, the University can offer great insight into how protecting the brand online plays a key role in protecting their reputation in turn.

A university like DCU who keeps on top of innovations is one of those early adopters of using social media as their marketing and communication channel.

With more than 150 Twitter accounts and 200+ Facebook pages for various different clubs, departments, societies, faculties, Overseeing content and sentiment in all these pages were one of the major struggles that DCU was facing in terms of protecting their brand online and that’s when RiskEye stepped in

Twitter accounts
Twitter followers
Facebook pages


Number of posts about, to and from DCU in a month


Facebook accounts linked to DCU


Twitter accounts linked to DCU and their clubs


Estimated reach of 40 million views every month

How RiskEye Helped

Identifying risks in real-time

RiskEye provide a comprehensive and unique solution for identifying online risk and harm in real-time. We used our innovative technology along with the smartest human power to isolate and identify every risk that was online about DCU in real-time, 24/7.

Capturing sentiment

Sentiment analysis played a useful role in monitoring DCU as it allowed them to gain an overview of the wider public opinion of their brand. The insights from social and online data gave them an edge in making informed decisions in terms of marketing and commerce.

Mitigating risks

RiskEye acts as another layer of protection and guidance in terms of online risks for DCU. With 24/7 live alerts and mitigation services, the brand is sheltered from all kinds of online risks.

Our client said

"We were trying to catch things on social media ourselves most of the time because it was so vast, most of the time we had people coming to us within the organisation saying 'Did you see this?' and 'Did you see that?'. A lot of the time we hadn’t seen it, even though we were doing everything we could to keep on top of it."
"We don't feel alone. It's like another layer of security around us, which in the age of digital and social media is actually quite remarkable to have I think. RiskEye is fantastic.”
"RiskEye manages to capture sentiment and you don't even need to take a step. That's fantastic. That's a great feedback tool for marketing and also for senior management. We get to see on a granular level in terms of the overall sentiment, not just on one main Twitter account but across everything, and RiskEye can capture that."
"In my view, every big organisation needs something like RiskEye. It's so easy to go from hero to zero with a couple of errors on social. We would be lost without RiskEye”