Safer social

comprehensive Dashboard

RiskEye tracks all social media activities to, about & from you  and compiles all the data onto an easy-to-use dashboard.


View daily online sentiment, along with its changes over time and the source posts.

All the data you need in one place!

The Dashboard is designed for ease of use. It only shows you what you need to see, to make sure you are not wasting time looking for posts that are not risks. However, the dashboard can be used and manipulated to extract valuable insights about the running of your business, allowing you to track the source of risks in your company, that you would never have seen before.

It gives you access to mid-level and high-level risk alerts in real time, along with a direct link to the source of the post. As well as a clear view of your daily online sentiment, both negative  and positive.

The Dashboard can be modified to your needs, and business can be broken down into sections and tagged to track progress and failings through out the business – allowing you to get a view of reputation risk across your company.

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