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How An insurance agency Used Riskeye to Grow 280% in 2 years!


“Every insurance agency needs to have a strong digital presence and offerings"



An insurance agency founded in 1999 that grew up to be one of the top insurance agencies in its location, started declining in the last few years as they struggled communicating and connecting with their current customers and the next generation of potential customers. They did not see online as an asset to their business but just as a place of risk.

New strategic solution generates significant performance!

It’s no longer an option to become a digital insurance broker or agency – it’s a necessity. Today’s consumers have higher expectations for customer service, with many preferring to research, purchase, and communicate about insurance digitally.

Every insurance agency needs to have a strong digital presence and offerings in order to provide value to both your potential and existing clients as well as to give your business a competitive edge.

Becoming a digital insurance broker or agency isn’t easy. It can be confusing, frustrating, and expensive. But RiskEye can help provide clarity and guidance on your digital journey.

Real-time risk alerts

Digital Strategy

100% online sentiment accuracy

Guidance to future proof your business

Before RiskEye

After RiskEye

No real online strategy

Fully targeted online strategy with a constant online growth

Multiple negative/spam comments on social media

Real time risk alerts with a priority assessment and moderation.

Did not reach their desired audience, leading to a decline in sales

Content and advertising strategy to target the correct audience and the next generation of customers

No way to know how to talk to the next generation or to generation proof their business.

30+ quote requests a day

Suffered cloning of sites and TM

Constant refinement to strategy in terms of audience and messaging to future proof the business

Impersonation of employees to scam customers and potential customers resulting in online fraud

Protected from harm, no visibility of online harm on posts or advertising, dealt with through live monitoring, moderation and processes.

Not seeing online as an asset,  just a place of risk