BBC News | Wake up to money | CC Clarke on tackling online trolls

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Listen to Sarah Holland – CEO of RiskEye chatting to Sean Farrington on #wakeuptomoney on @radio5live about how we can make social a safer place for business and individuals #safersocial

Online is the battlefront now for brands and individuals everywhere.  Whether we like it or not, over 4 billion people are connected to the internet globally and the battlefront is expanding.

The questions for all of us are how we can keep our brands, profiles, and businesses safe online or how we protect ourselves in the real world from the words written about us online. 

Here is Sarah Holland’s view on making social a safer place for influencers like CC Clarke, a mom with a make-up brand and two million followers on Instagram. Beauty influencer CC Clarke has built a highly successful business career through social media but asserts that she has encountered lots of negativity along the way, which was hard to ignore sometimes, but she believes it just comes with being an influencer. 

Read more about tackling online trolls and also about the expert advice on how to manage and prevent these trolls from affecting a business or an individual’s privacy.


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