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Back To Work – Nothing Is Certain

The working world has changed beyond anything we have experienced before. The workplace we return to will not be the same physically or emotionally. We will have to work with new rules to protect our health. We will have to get used to working alongside people again, which will initially seem daunting and alien.

Is Social Media A More Stressful Occupation

More Visible Online – 2020 The Year Online Grew

All businesses have become more dependent on the online space. Most people have been in lockdown at home and became heavily reliant on the web services. The online space has become a vessel for emotions to play out in.

Risks – Risk Happens When You’re Not Looking

  • There will be greater scrutiny over compliance with new rules by customers, partners and employees 
  • Online will become weaponised to resolve, query and question all issues 
  • Common risks such as malicious actors, disgruntled customers and employees and competitors will still pose a substantial threat.

What Can I Do To Minimise The Risk 

It’s going to be frustrating and frightening having to deal with online onslaughts, preparation is the only defence.

  • Listen and Assess – can you take it offline? Is it genuine? Should it be on your social media platforms? 
  • Acknowledge – if it is appropriate to – you do not need to and should not respond to everything
  • Apologise – if it is appropriate to – sometimes removing the hurt and emotion by apologising can defuse a situation  
  • Move on and keep doing what you do best. If you are going to respond, you will need perspective and context – emotions need to be removed from the equation.

Every one of these stages presents their own challenge – call us at any stage, we can advise you and walk you through the best approach for your business.

Online Reputation Security

The world has gone digital and now more than ever, businesses and their brands exist in a virtual place. There are no walls, no rules and you have no control or visibility of your brand. Attacks and reputational threats online leave businesses feeling hurt, less confident.

 Did You Know?


How We Can Help?

Online risks can be complex and involve much more than publishing content and customer service issues. Aviva recognizes that this risk needs to be addressed. Our Specialist Partner RiskEye offers businesses the opportunity to protect their reputations online.

What are the benefits?

  • Protects the priceless reputation of a business – one of a businesses most valuable assets.
  • Online attacks can be controlled immediately.

RiskEye is a complete online reputation protection and reputation management solution. They utilize expert risk analysis and the latest technology to detect, identify, and mitigate online reputational risks.

Who Should Use RiskEye?

  • Industrial
  • Leisure 
  • Retail Wholesale Distribution 
  • Construction 
  • Property Owners and Developers 
  • Motor Trade 
  • Commercial Fleet 
  • Service Industries 
  • Engineering

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