Online Reputation Security 

The world has gone digital and now more than ever, businesses and their brands exist in a virtual place. There are no walls, no rules and you have no control or visibility of your brand. Attacks and reputational threats online leave businesses feeling hurt, less confident and unsure.

Did you know?

 • 4.2 billion people use the internet every day.

 • 1 billion websites in the world. 

• Facebook has 2 billion active users a month. 

• Instagram has 700 million users. 

• Twitter has 328 million people users. 

• Apple has sold 1.2 billion iphones. 

How we can help?

 Online risks can be complex and involve much more than publishing content and customer service issues. Aviva recognises that this risk needs to be addressed. 

Our Specialist Partner RiskEye offer businesses the opportunity to protect their reputations online. 

What are the benefits? 

• Protects the priceless reputation of a business – one of a businesses most valuable assets. 

• Online attacks can be controlled immediately. 

Riskeye are a complete online reputation protection and reputation management solution. They utilise expert risk analysis and the latest technology to detect, identify and mitigate online reputational risks. 

Who should use RiskEye?

• Industrial 

• Leisure 

• Retail Wholesale Distribution 

• Construction 

• Property Owners and Developers 

• Motor Trade 

• Commercial Fleet 

• Service Industries 

• Engineering

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