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Aura Holohan Group - Case Study

Aura Holohan Group is an Irish owned company which operates in sport & leisure, architecture, consultancy and event management. It includes 11 Aura Leisure Centres nationwide, 4 Anytime Fitness Clubs in Dublin and DKiT Sport in Dundalk.


Customers satisfaction, health & safety and ties to local communities are key to Aura’s success across Ireland.

They use RiskEye to stay in the know about customer sentiment online, to ensure they are able to continue to provide high quality services.

During Covid the company was able to identify customer dissatisfaction, from a modicum of mid-level risk alerts. “We didn’t have the capacity at reception to handle the number of people who now had to book in and provide evidence of this that and the other, and the telephone at the same time”

The information and data provided the evidence of this. “We ended up employing and additional person in order to improve customer service and retain customers.”

Increase in positive sentiment
Passionate Employees
Estimate reach per month


Number of posts about, to and from Aura in a month


Facebook accounts linked to DCU


Twitter accounts linked to DCU and their clubs


Estimated reach of 10 million views every month

How RiskEye


Identifying risks across the internet

RiskEye was able to monitor all 18 pages belonging to the company, in addition to all things said about them in other spaces online. Giving them all the information in one place, 24/7, in real time.

Relevent information Only

RiskEye uses real people to scan through posts, and assess the risks. Something AI cannot do. This means the company is not overloaded with data. We give you only the relevant information, tailored to your needs!

Expert Help in times of need

If something does unfortunately happen, we are a phone call away with experts in Public Relations, Legal and online reputation management. A safety blanket to keep the company reputaion and employees safe online.

Our client said

"You don’t know what you don’t know. In that you have a situation whereby you could be losing customers and not identifying that customer satisfaction in your organisation because the majority of people walk rather than complain. And that for me is a big issue.”
“The most valuable feature is the availability of highly experienced support in relation to crisis management.”