Safer social

insurance cover

We provide the experts in PR and law, if anything happens, you can rest easy knowing you will be taken care of by the best of the best.

The first of its kind, online reputational insurance.

Riskeye provides extra security.

We protect you 24/7, providing online monitoring with insurance, which provides the funding for expert PR & legal assistance to the value of up to £50,000 should any harm come to you online.

If content posted relating to you is fake, untrue or malicious we can invoke your insurance policy. A legal representative will then act on your behalf and legally petition the offending platform or site. RiskEye and the legal representatives will endeavor to resolve the issue and protect you online.

The PR company is the number one PR company in the world and the defamation lawyer considered to be the best in the UK & Ireland.

This added layer of security means that you can deal with what ever comes your way, using the highest quality resources.

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