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Established in 2015, RiskEye is a global risk management company specialising in interpreting, analysing and assessing words pictures and images that are placed in the online world.

Our service prevents, protects and fixes online harm in real time 24/7 to clients across Europe, US and UK.  We bring together people and tech to provide protection and insights from data posted in the ‘digiverse’.

RiskEye understands the limits of algorithms and have built a service to deliver live intelligence including sentiment, risk and impact in a single dashboard, allowing clients visibility of their online profile.  

Our goal is to ensure that sentiment and context are interpreted 100% accurately. To that end we to take the vast quantities of data from the online world, we cleanse, standardise and organise it, to demystify the online space giving peace of mind.

We don’t just count the data, we go much further!

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