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Catching posts early on social media, before they snowball out of control is vital for keeping safe on social. 




Did you know 38% of posts to a business are out of office hours. Social media monitoring needs to match social media use!

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If one negative comment is able to attract enough initial engagement, algorithms will extend its reach by promoting it to like-minded individuals. A snowball effect occurs, creating a feedback loop that amplifies the outrage. Once this happens, the narrative spreads within minutes and is very difficult to reign it back in. Early intervention is vital when dealing with online risk.

This is why RiskEye provides risk alerts, so you don’t have to worry about catching the risk, we do it for you.

The reason we make sure these alerts are 24/7, is because 38% of posts to a business are out of office hours and with that, 65% of risks occur outside of office hours. Letting posts sit online, until morning gives them enough time to build up momentum and snowball out of control.

We combine smart tech and real people to monitor your brand online 24/7, in order to keep your reputation and employees safe, always.

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